Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bagacay Lighthouse - Liloan

I want to divert my attention from the depressing news on cable, so i decided to go to one of the nice beaches near the city and try to look for interesting subjects for my blog. Unfortunately, as we approach the Liloan Lighthouse - the weather suddenly changed... I thought its gonna be sunshiney day today! Instead of a nice light, we got imposing rain clouds and that did not give justice to this photo. Argh.

Bagacay Lighthouse - Built by the Americans in 1904, this lighthouse can be found in the municipality of Liloan. The place is around 18 kms. north of Cebu City. Liloan is the local term for "place of whirlpools".


Anonymous said...

You take really beautiful photographs. Great job!

Ame said...

WOW Jane! An "American" in Cebu! ;-) I was an "Amerian in Paris" back in April...but don't get me depressed...I still miss that place!

And I just love the pure whiteness of this shot! Ya know, Edwin and I have been saying that alot of shots are looking rather "manly" lately....see my "art" piece and his tower, and I'm sure there are others....maybe it's a theme week!

And your lighthouse definitely qualifies as a "manly" structure too!

LOL! I know, we're all just suffering from too much heat!

And I LOVE this photo...I think the clouds just add to the beauty!


santy said...

the white lighthouse looks cool! love the clouds too :)

edwin s said...

Ame really cracks me up!

And this is another beautiful shot from you. Very unexpected and it has such a filmic quality. What I like best about it is the tree and the stark whiteness of the structure, and of course, the saturation.

Eric said...

Hi Jane. Is it named place of whirlpools because it is dangerous?

Jane said...

Oh my! Hi Eric! Thanks for dropping by! Totally unexpected. No, its not dangerous , the whirlpools are so small, like a water draining out of a tub. More likely the motion of actual whirlpool tub. I'll try to get some pictures next time...

Thanks Edwin! You always inspire me! I never thought it will turn out that way and also the tree! I haven't noticed it until you pointed it out! :)

Hi Santy! Thanks for dropping by! Hope your dad is okay now.

Thanks Ame! You're really funny!

Anonymous: - Thanks. ;)

perle de rosée said...

I like this lighthouse. It's beautiful... I like also the beautiful dresses of the feasts of your land.