Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Cebuanos

For this week, I will feature a series of Cebu portraits - at least show you glimpses of the many faces of Cebuanos. Rainy season just started in this little tropical country and the sun isn't cooperating nowadays. I tried yesterday but the photos were not exactly what i had in mind. So, here's one from my archives.

The man is watching a parade of floats and dancers as reflected on his sunglasses. You can say through the man’s expression that he is jaded probably saw a lot of fiestas in his lifetime. Or just tired with all the activities. What’s bad about some of Philippine town fiestas are the proliferation of product endorsements. You can see that companies will try to cover all bases to gain exposure.

Here in Cebu, we celebrate the world-famous Sinulog every third Sunday of January. It is a dance ritual, a grand Mardi Gras of sort in honor of the Santo NiƱo. People from all over the world would flock to this little city to celebrate the Sinulog with us. Sinulog comes from the word sulog which means current. The dance is like Cebu’s Pahina river current – move 2 steps forward and one step backward. More so, it depicts the pact of native Filipinos between the Spaniards when they visited this little archipelago more than 400 years ago.


santy said...

a McD lover, eh? :) btw, cool reflection on the glasses!

anne said...

Oh I love McDo! And I love how you captured this guy's facial expression...it's as if he is saying "let this finish so I can head home and sleep".

But I love fiestas! atleast I don't get tired of them maybe because I love eating at those fiestas too :)

midnitebara said...

" Im lovin' it ! "
the new slogan for mcdo. had a late lunch there a few days ago and I love their new recipe...
" tomato grilled chicken ".

meron ba nyan sa atin?

edwin s said...

I'm lovin' it (this picture that is).

another great shot. did you take any pictures of the parade (what a stupid question)? In the reflection, it looks so colourful.

Kala said...

is that a Mcdonalds logo on his face?? hm

Jane said...

Yep! its a logo on his face. Its a stick-on tattoo given out during the festival. These sponsors try to cover ALL bases, places and FACES!

Hi Santy! Thanks for dropping by!"Luv ko 'to"

Hi Anne! I think he's looking forward to the parties after the parade. He just want to get over it and start the REAL party! Bored na siya sa parada. Visit ka sa Sinulog - ah 6 months to go na lang!

Hi midnitebara! Unfortunately, they don't have the salads yet. I wish nga para hindi lang cholesterol and nakakain sa fast food. Visit ka rin sa Sinulog 2007 ha! Just book early... accommodations for the festival are usually fully booked by mid of November.

Thanks Edwin! Yeah, i took pictures of the parade. I'll post it next week ;)

Thanks kala for dropping by! Yeah it is a McDonalds logo - Oh! Im not endorsing it:)

~tanty~ said...

This guy must be a 'McD lover' :)

twistedzero said...

Kababayan! This is my first time to visit your blog! When I visit Cebu, I'll give you a call.

Great shot by the way.

Jane said...

Hi tanty! thanks for dropping by. :P

Ei twisted! Do let me know if you're here. I'll visit SG next month siguro. I will call you.

thanks for dropping by! ;P

Gerald England said...

McD get everywhere. Passed five in a 20-mile drive around Stockholm.

Even found one in Tallin, Estonia next to a 14th century building.

My wife nick-names them "the american embassy!"