Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm late....!

I thought i could post this for July 25... I got problems uploading the image so instead of posting it for yesterday, i skipped a day!The blogger site is giving me a headache as it was too slow loading images. It's weird but the past few days, it was really slooooow - it took....20...40 minutes to upload this image.

This building is the Ayala-FGU Center located in Cebu Business Park. Its one of the prime business address here in the city. The photo was kinda gloomy because the day was very dark and rainy due to the typhoon. I tried working on the photo to make it little brighter but its not as crisp as the original copy.

Its quite stormy here in Cebu but its okay as summer was really HOT! At least the hills are greener now. Have a nice day!


Kala said...

It sounds like everyone is having the same blogger problems - we should all demand our money back!!! hehe - nice look up photo =)

~tanty~ said...

Strange color of the sky but it looks nice. Have a nice day!

Ame said...

Hi Jane!

OK, this is gonna sound really STUPID and almost like I never went to college and earned my DEGREE!

I never thought I'd see traffic signs in English in this an exception rather than a (ahem, no pun intended) rule? Get it? Traffic rule? OK, I'll shut up!

It just struck me as strange but cool! LOL! And of course we all know Citibank! Is that an English word too I wonder?


Oh, love the shot by the way, look-ups are always neato-burrito!

Jane said...

Hi Kala. thanks.. blogger took the patience out from me these past few days.

tanty: It must be the setting on my camera. I was not ready cause im afraid the rain will fall again. I tried editing it but i decided to post the original shot instead. =)

Ame: hahahaha! you're funny! =)Some people really thought so but we are not Belgium where the street directions are well, not in English. =)

Funny but intersting thought you got there. I want to share a bit of a trivia - Philippines is the third largest English speaking country after US and UK. English is our 2nd official language. Almost everybody in the street can understand you if you speak to them in English. Thats why we got lots of call centers here -- try calling IBM technical support or McDonalds delivery or even your country directory assistance -- most probably a Filipina is on the other line assisting you. And you will never guess because they sound like real Americans or depends on which country they are servicing. Even India call centers where instructed to patch their calls here in the Philippines. They say Filipinos got the most natural accent and can easily adapt to any language given the proper training. =)
Must be the fusion of Malay, Arabic, Chinese and heavily influenced by Hispanic countries. =)

btw, i've heard that HP Tech Support call center occupied 5 floors of that building.

Thanks for dropping by! Really, you're funny!

edwin s said...

I tell you, when Blogger is fine, it's such a dream but when it decides to be stupid, it really is.

And I think the heat is getting to Ame!

midnitebara said...

maayong buntag ! Did I get it right?? I meant to say good morning!

Its a nice " looking -up " photo.
have a nice day!

santy said...

great angle!

Jane said...

Maayong hapon sa inyong tanan! hahaha! I felt funny... i can't speak visaya but i can understand it. Still trying to learn the dialect midnite. But yeah maayong buntag is right! Taga saan ka nga pala dito sa Pinas?

yeah edwin! and yet blogger is still doing this too us...can't stop bitchin' =)

Ame is a funny girl... must be the heat =) Keep cool Ame

Santy, from Cebu -->

Daghang salamat! (thank you very much)

MoonSoleil said...

Very cool perspective, and great colours. Well done... and yes, I know the problems with blogger as well - sometimes it really sucks!

anne said...

Great shot Jane! I love building shots!

You need to have more patience with can really be a pain in the **s sometimes. but it really helps if you upload smaller size photos, try to compress your photos a little more, it greatly decrease loading time :)

danafaye said...

Excellent shot - great angle.

Neorelix said...

I like the perspective, nice shot. Trust you didn't get a ticket for stopping...

Jane said...

Hahaha! If this is a contest, you'll be the winner Neo! Actually, your comment was supposedly the slant of my post but the blogger took the humor out of me. nah! I parked my car before i took it. ;P

thanks for dropping by Moonsoleil!

Hi Anne, saw the Mayon photo in your site... Lovely but deadly, no?

Hi Dana! as always... thanks! You got funny pictures in your sites too! from your title "its not easy being green" I thought i'll see Kermit like what kala did to mickey or something like "where's waldo" type of game... I did found him though!