Sunday, July 23, 2006

Old House - Barili Town

This shot was taken from the car, i took at least three fast shutters and I think this is the best angle i got for this particular subject while in a moving car. Its one of the old houses in a little southern town called Barili. it was our first time to pass that area, so the houses were totally unexpected. If i've known that they have these treasures i could've spent more time here.

Along the main road abound these ancient houses. I think they are over hundred years old. But it is really sad that the government can't do anything to preserve these National Heritage. Majority of the houses converted the ground floor into shops - bakeries, tailoring shops, barber shops, mini-eateries, etc. The above picture got a funeral parlor on the ground floor.


midnitebara said...

thats a pity. here in japan the government funds the restoration and preservation of old houses and such.

have a nice day!

Ovelikios said...

Same here in Greece. The government helps, although some money comes from European Union funds. It took us many decades to remove the shops from the ground floor of many old buildings. Hope you manage to do it too.

BTW, great photos, nice city.

Kim said...

Great shot from the car! Those lovely arched windows are appealing.

Jane said...

Hi midnite: you know how it is here in the Philippines...

ovelikios: Thanks! Several private institutions already started raising funds to help restore these treasures. I really hope we could manage to get the government to actively participate in this endeavor. But the gov't (people's) money will go to the poor, education, health services and other development... and most of the money, sadly, will go to the pockets of the corrupt officials. Restoring these would be the government last priority. So this endeavor is more of the people's initiative. Some funding agencies like EU already started donating and conducted several seminars to educate the people on these matters.

Kim: Thanks!