Thursday, July 06, 2006

Refreshing Kawasan Falls

After a kilometer of walking under the scorching summer sun, the cool mountain water will refresh you. I just want to stay!

One of the smaller upper-level falls.


Kala said...

NOw this is wayyyyz coooool - and this is the smaller waterfall?? Gosh I'd love to be under it right now

anne said...

Hi Jane! Great shot! Now i'm missing summer more! All we have is rain now :(

Jane said...

Hi Kala! Yeah, it is really COOL! Yes there are about 6 levels. The biggest one is 5 levels below that place. And it is really big - you can't go under it.

Hey Anne - still not raining here in Cebu... :) There are occasional showers but not enough. Still hot. Though yesterday, it was slightly cloudy... Summer is about to end.

Helen said...

thats looks like a great place for a swim! Love the waterfalls!