Saturday, September 09, 2006

"mis" communication

Totally exasperated and bored with all the coding, designs and dealing with my staff, i finally decided to go the mall (again!) for some retail therapy. My excuse: buy a new bag. My favorite bag looked so disfigured, groaning around the bulges and the leather bottom almost fading. I guess using it almost everyday for three years will shorten its lifespan, eh?

I know, this got nothing to do with the photo above.

So off we go to the mall, as always got my camera ready for some traffic shots. (No, I don't use the camera when cruising, i figured that most of you will have a heart attack just thinking about it!) I was driving and totally absorbed with John Mayer's sensitive voice, happy thoughts... happy thoughts... When suddenly a clicking spree began... No, its not me - our 4-year old companion gleefully clicking away. She took this shot to see if she can see the camera flash through the closed window, instead she captured an interesting everyday sight - tangled electric and telephone lines!

I'm curious, do you still have these line systems in your city?


kaa said...

In Finland there are still electric cables but not as tangled up as these. Looks rather dangerous..

kris said...

yup, still have them here but not as many :o

Susan said...

We still have them, but not nearly as many!