Monday, September 18, 2006

Salon Day

I love my salon days... hair cut, manicure, foot spa.... I always feel refreshed after "the works". I love the warm reflection of the light. The yellow wall makes it even brighter and warmer. Call me vain, but I love my reflection on the mirror, its flattering. Actually, that’s the reason why I love this place. My companion took this; can you guess where I am?


~tanty~ said...

Looks like a very cozy place. I guess you're the one with the reflection on the mirror. Am I right?

edwin s said...

Ok, the obvious thing would be to say that you're the one in the foreground. However, if you wanted to trivk me, I'd say you were the one in the background. But then again, if you were to trick us to believe that we weere being tricked, I would say foreground. But, if that were the case, then you might do a double whammy and actually you are ihe one in the back. Oh No! which one are you???

Jane said...
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