Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where in the world am I?

Lately, my idea of “international jet-setting” is visiting my fellow City DP blogs and traveling incognito means using my Second Life name M. Stindberg. This sad admission is a reflection of what I’ve been doing for the past months. Don’t get me wrong – I love all your wonderful blogs but my computer/internet usage exceeded “me” time, with a logon period averaging 95 hours a week. No wonder I always got migraines.

My current obsession is to travel allover Asia; I think the free-spirit gal in me needs a little boost. And also, I have perfect reasons why I need to move around– 1) need to remove the a*s print on my chair 2) Avoid my laptop (I can feel its menacingly looking at me now) 3) And just a plain itch that I need to scratch – my undying passion to wander around and discover new places.

Finally, after weeks of “visualization”, an invitation to visit another country came up. Though it’s actually business, I knew it’s a perfect excuse to get off THE chair. And also a reason to do my pre-Christmas shopping and a bit of R&R –

For a brief moment – I will show you where am I. If you can tell where in the world is this place, I will send you a postcard... from Cebu.

Ah yes! I forgot that I got a blog – I’m guilty, you know...please forgive me.

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