Friday, June 30, 2006

Singapore trip

Definitely not in Cebu!

Clueless about this place -- Is this a fire station?

On our way to the MRT station.

Tired and sleepy night! Great night view of the river.

Funny sign ! ^

Waiting for the train...

Interesting fountain...

This post is dedicated to the all our friends in Singapore: to our dearest Anand & Rowena and their princess Ashni, Yvonne, Eric and the whole UP BB gang! And to all the uncles and aunties we met, thank you very much... Looking forward to our next trip!

Above are just ordinary pictures from our Singapore trip (used my mobile phone), I will leave the great Singapore photoblogging to our fellow DPers: Raymond (Pinoy ito!), Keropok Man and Zannie.

Guys, I did not put the details of the photos, its up to you Raymond, Kero and Zannie to fill in... :) I hope you don't mind!


James said...

funny photos. wow, that'd be one heck of a firestation...

Nostalgia Manila said...

Great photos, wonderful blog!

Would love to do a link exchange!

Keep up the good work!

--Nostalgia Manila

manilenya said...

ei po :) thanks for the link :) nasa SIngapore ka pala ..... or nakauwi na ng Cebu?

Kate said...

It looks as tho buses all over the world are now sporting creative paint jobs.