Monday, July 31, 2006

The World is Flat

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm late....!

I thought i could post this for July 25... I got problems uploading the image so instead of posting it for yesterday, i skipped a day!The blogger site is giving me a headache as it was too slow loading images. It's weird but the past few days, it was really slooooow - it took....20...40 minutes to upload this image.

This building is the Ayala-FGU Center located in Cebu Business Park. Its one of the prime business address here in the city. The photo was kinda gloomy because the day was very dark and rainy due to the typhoon. I tried working on the photo to make it little brighter but its not as crisp as the original copy.

Its quite stormy here in Cebu but its okay as summer was really HOT! At least the hills are greener now. Have a nice day!

Monday, July 24, 2006

A little paradise...

At the heart of Cebu City is the premier mall, Ayala Center Cebu where this little paradise is located. It is a place where friends and families meet for afternoon coffee and catch up on each others lives.

This is our Friday afternoon place, it is where friends usually go for dinner, watch movie, shop or simply sit in café and watch people and make up stories. :P

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Old House - Barili Town

This shot was taken from the car, i took at least three fast shutters and I think this is the best angle i got for this particular subject while in a moving car. Its one of the old houses in a little southern town called Barili. it was our first time to pass that area, so the houses were totally unexpected. If i've known that they have these treasures i could've spent more time here.

Along the main road abound these ancient houses. I think they are over hundred years old. But it is really sad that the government can't do anything to preserve these National Heritage. Majority of the houses converted the ground floor into shops - bakeries, tailoring shops, barber shops, mini-eateries, etc. The above picture got a funeral parlor on the ground floor.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bagacay Lighthouse - Liloan

I want to divert my attention from the depressing news on cable, so i decided to go to one of the nice beaches near the city and try to look for interesting subjects for my blog. Unfortunately, as we approach the Liloan Lighthouse - the weather suddenly changed... I thought its gonna be sunshiney day today! Instead of a nice light, we got imposing rain clouds and that did not give justice to this photo. Argh.

Bagacay Lighthouse - Built by the Americans in 1904, this lighthouse can be found in the municipality of Liloan. The place is around 18 kms. north of Cebu City. Liloan is the local term for "place of whirlpools".

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

after the storm

this time, let's take a moment to reflect and pray for all the people who are directly affected by war, natural disasters and diseases. I only pray for three Hope, Peace and Love. Sounds too far out but at the moment, i feel thats what we really need. God bless.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

last sinulog post

The Grand Sinulog Parade features the different faces of Cebuanos. These gentle, cheerful people of my "adopted" city are known all over the world as industrious and talented performers.
When you go to a hotel, bar or board luxury cruise ships and you hear a great band performing, chances are these performers are Filipinos and most probably in a group of 7 band members 3 or 4 are Cebuanos. :) I'm sure Simon Cowell will never say any mean words when he sees them perform.

The Cebuanas are known for their beauty, grace and charm. I should say so because my mom is a Cebuana!

Sto.Nino Parade
This will be my last post of Sinulog as I saw the sun peaked this afternoon promising a sun shiny day tomorrow. I hope to get wonderful shots tomorrow. Until then!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

let's dance! hala bira!

My laptop zonked out on me a couple of days ago and that cost me two precious days of work. I was researching for some articles when it gave me the blue- ghost- of- death screen. I desperately backed up all my files, fortunately all files are safe now... whew! But then, i need to format it and re-install everything.

Anyway, as promised, i will post pictures of the festival parade. I thought I should start with the Philippines' grandest festival - Sinulog. These photos are stored in my archive - a glimpse of the last Sinulog Festival. Hope you enjoy this one! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Festival Princess

Festival Princess in costume. I love my Canon PowerShot A95! I know the photo is too "commercial"! But it was the perfect time of the day when that photograph was taken. Might as well give it to WOW Philippines so that they can use it for Sinulog promotion. Sinulog - the biggest festival in the whole Philippine archipelago is just 6 months away!

Do check Anne's blog for more Philippine snapshots. Also try to visit a new place today... I discovered this wonderful place - Albuquerque.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Cebuanos

For this week, I will feature a series of Cebu portraits - at least show you glimpses of the many faces of Cebuanos. Rainy season just started in this little tropical country and the sun isn't cooperating nowadays. I tried yesterday but the photos were not exactly what i had in mind. So, here's one from my archives.

The man is watching a parade of floats and dancers as reflected on his sunglasses. You can say through the man’s expression that he is jaded probably saw a lot of fiestas in his lifetime. Or just tired with all the activities. What’s bad about some of Philippine town fiestas are the proliferation of product endorsements. You can see that companies will try to cover all bases to gain exposure.

Here in Cebu, we celebrate the world-famous Sinulog every third Sunday of January. It is a dance ritual, a grand Mardi Gras of sort in honor of the Santo Niño. People from all over the world would flock to this little city to celebrate the Sinulog with us. Sinulog comes from the word sulog which means current. The dance is like Cebu’s Pahina river current – move 2 steps forward and one step backward. More so, it depicts the pact of native Filipinos between the Spaniards when they visited this little archipelago more than 400 years ago.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Sombrero peddler

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Candle Offering

Candle offering outside the church.

Friday, July 07, 2006


I know... ok this will be my last photo for MoalBoal. I just can't resist posting this. I really like the different shades of blue...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Refreshing Kawasan Falls

After a kilometer of walking under the scorching summer sun, the cool mountain water will refresh you. I just want to stay!

One of the smaller upper-level falls.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


These amazing creatures were grouped together when some kids found it. They are so fascinating! The sharpness of the color made it more attractive.

I did not give justice to the color as I'm still a newbie taking photographs -- tried working on it on Photoshop but I've got to learn a lot before i can get the desired effect. I would really love to learn a few things on photo editing -- its just that i didn't have the time to study. I know, I'll find time for this...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

time to slow down...

Ah! Moment of peace.

After a day of swimming and bumming around, finally, i found time to stroll along the beach. The cool breeze, the setting sun and the gentle water soothed this tired body and uplifted the spirit.

Dusk at MoalBoal, Cebu, Philippines

Monday, July 03, 2006

Orange sail

A morning stroll along the beach, you'll find fishermen hurrying back with their catch. I like this small banca because of its sail. The orange sail stood out in the bright morning sun and the blue water.

The mountain range at the background is the Negros Island. The night before, we saw a huge fire on the mountain top and I felt an incredible sadness thinking of the precious wildlife devoured by the fire. On the other hand, it could be nature's way of renewing itself. How the fire happened? We cannot tell but the rain will soon quench the dry ground to bring forth life again.

Morning sail in MoalBoal, Cebu

Boljoon Church

One of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Boljoon Church is situated in the southern part of Cebu Island. It was built by Spaniards in the year 1599. The church is facing the sea thus the weather-beaten look. Some groups, like SM Cebu (notice the HUGE billboard), help in the restoration of historical landmarks like Boljoon Church. Might help if they remove that billboard.