Monday, February 26, 2007

Summer is here!

This morning, the weather bureau announced that summer is officially here.

They don’t need to tell us that – the heat is obvious enough for anybody to announce that SUMMER is here. Oh well, back to casual dress work days. Office fashion will be a cross between resort wear and weekend dress. So that means all my black clothes will be shoved behind the closet at the moment until the rainy days come.

A typical tropical wardrobe cannot be complete without the flip-flops or tongs. You ain’t a girly-girl if you don’t have a collection of flip-flops and sandals that complement your summer wardrobe. Some of the major faves are the imported Havaianas, Crocs and Dupe collections and the local Banana Peel. Gals and guys alike loved the buttery-soft feel and the varied colors and design to choose from.

Time to visit the malls again!

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john said...

wow cool cebu slippers