Thursday, February 22, 2007

Taoist Temple

Before Ferdinand Magellan first set his foot on the shores of Cebu more than 400 years ago, the Chinese and Arabs were already trading partners of the locals. And the present Cebuanos social and cultural heritage is actually a fusion of Filipino-Chinese-Spanish influences. And Cebu is proud of its Chinese heritage and even considered our small city a huge Chinatown.

Perhaps, one of the most visible and famous Chinese presence is the TAOIST TEMPLE located near our place. I just feel guilty not showing this place in this blog soon enough as its just 3 minutes away from our house. I guess I took this landmark for granted for this is an everyday sighting for me. Oh, well! Crazy me... that’s why I titled my blog Everyday Cebu! Ok enough, I know, I am rambling.

Devotees climb the 99 steps of the temple to light joss sticks and pray for good fortune. But what is breathtaking is the view of Cebu City from here during sunrise and sunsets. It is located at one of the highest elevation of a residential area, Beverly Hills (Yes, we have that here :P).

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Kim said...

I love this shot! The slithering dragon makes it come alive. So beautiful.

Sivaluk Suk-Iam said...
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mksanime said...

Yikes- my nostalgia just kicked in. Ahhhh looking at this pics helps me remember my vague memories...I've thoroughly enjoyed looking and reading your blog ^^;;, And it keeps me up to date of the happenings there in Cebu. I sincerely thank you ^^...

I will surely come back there =]

Much thanks <3333