Friday, September 28, 2007

Side ways

Staring at the photograph of the door, i thought of the events that it witnessed during the centuries of Spanish regime. The banging of the door of the oppressed people seeking sanctuary during the civil war and revolutions, the happy mood during fiesta, the Sunday Mass in Latin, bribery and treachery of the Spaniards and Filipinos alike, the shout of victory...

If only the walls and doors could talk.

Church of San Miguel Arcangel of Argao
Argao, Cebu

You can also find additional information here.


Oscar1986 said...

awesome picture, my favorite is the one right under this :)

Annjanette said...

Wow, I love your blog! Finally a blog with class - and not just about affording that one time experience at Starbucks. I'll keep track.

Thanks for the Cebu updates.

Annjanette (Baltimore, MD)
Formerly Labangon resident

Rodelio Lagahit said...


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hope to hear positive reply from you.


Nance said...

I googled teasures in old houses and saw your blog. I grew up in the Philippines but now lives in the U.S. like rodelio, I am also interested to cross link with you. Mine is fairly new, when you have a chance please visit:

john said...

wow cool church

The Seeker said...

nice picture, with a symbolism of its own, good work

The Cebuano Geek said...

Great Pic!
I hope to go visit Argao and see this church.