Sunday, August 05, 2007

... and I'm back again

I’m back… again!!!

After a very looong hiatus and with much contemplation, I finally decided to continue my daily photo blog. I’ve so much to share of my wonderful island paradise and I just can’t bear not sharing this with you guys. After much prodding from some of my “Daily Photo” family members and considering the recent “freedom” from my daily “job”, I think its about time to take Cebu photoblogging seriously.

Anyhoo, I will divide my daily blog into 3 sites – the current site is not just about the Cebu City but the whole island of Cebu. So as not to confuse other readers and blurkers, I set up a site for Cebu City, Metro Cebu and Cebu Province.

The current one, Everyday Cebu will be solely for the whole island province and renamed as Cebu Photoblog. Since we regularly travel around the island on weekends, I will update this weekly. However i will retain the original site name

Metro Cebu is my repository of snapshots of in and around Metro Cebu which consists of the following areas: Cebu City, Mandaue City, Mactan Island, Talisay City and other areas around these cities. This site will be updated regularly not daily.

Everyday Cebu City is my daily photo, solely for the city and listed in the Daily Photoblog family. :)

Hope you visit my sites and I can't wait to hear from you again!