Monday, April 21, 2008

What rice shortage?

Rice shortage in the Philippines? They're even offering unlimited rice!

This is so weird. I guess authorities should look into this, probably a case of hoarding, hmm? Peace out! ;)


chitru said...

ei jane!....
thanks for the posts and for adding me to your links...i have added u as well...


Layrayski said...

wow I didn't know there's a cebu daily photo. I found your site at a imagi bandung- the daily photo. How come you're not updating your blog lately?

And yeah I wonder about the unlimited rice gimmicks. The food there must be expensive. Where else will they get their profit? Hehe

Jane said...

Hi layraski!

Welcome to City Daily Photo Family.

I was with City Daily Photo about 2 years ago. I stopped photoblogging last year because of work. But I have plans of reviving it anytime soon. I'll just organize my photos and schedule. Medyo kinukulit na rin ako ng mga kilala ko to join again.

Well, we were a happy bunch then, saya ng kulitan with other country bloggers. Though, Im not an active blogger, I've maintained good relationships with some of them like Eric of Paris DP, Edwin of KLDP, Midnite of Akita DP, Moonsoleil ADP and Kala of HDP etc and still regularly keep in touch through emails and chats.

There were also a bunch of Filipinos in the CDP family, blogging about their adopted cities. Yung iba, andun pa, yung iba wala na. One Pinoy blogger is Ann of Manila DP, I think she was one of the pioneers, nawala na lang din siya. It was fun pero medyo nakakapagod din after a while.

Madami na ring nawala sa blogring some really good photographers like Chris of Vallairus DP, Carmen of Madrid DP and Bob of Barcelona DP. We even named some shot effects after him! Sometimes we encountered drama, like cities being bombed and family members dying. And everybody was supportive. It was really a happy family.

Enjoy your moment with City Daily Photo family. You'll feel blessed for having wonderful friends from different countries.

Have fun and see you soon!