Friday, April 25, 2008

Hello, sweety!


Just when you’re seriously counting and avoidin’ stuffs that are not friendly to the hips (and bikinis), you chance upon these sweet things.

You want to say no, but my precious, beckons. The taste of sugar and milk melting in my mouth, oh, what joy! There’re my favorites – pastillas de ube and leche, saying hello.

This colorful cart stocks classic Filipino candies – pastillas of all kinds (milk candies), turones (wafer filled with peanuts, ube milk powder), yema (sticky milk candy) and polvoron (powder goat’s milk candy). Kids will surely squeal with delight when they taste these all-time classic candies.

Can’t help but fall for temptation. Oh, the scale deviated again. Must be broken.

Sasmuan Delicacies
SM City Cebu and
Leading supermarkets & souvenir shops nationwide

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Luck


A harmonious and successful life depends on the different kinds of luck – Heaven Luck, Man Luck and Earth Luck – these are basically the basis of what kind of life and success each one of us has. According to Feng Shui.

The luck we’re born with is the Heaven Luck, we cannot do anything about this but greatly influences our lives. Man Luck describes the “Law of Karma”, all things are directly affected with whatever we do or choose. You do good things, you reap good things.

Earth Luck balances the two other lucks. I agree.

Taking care of our planet is the key to a harmonious and longer life.

Buddha bless you. Happy Earth day!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What rice shortage?

Rice shortage in the Philippines? They're even offering unlimited rice!

This is so weird. I guess authorities should look into this, probably a case of hoarding, hmm? Peace out! ;)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

sail away

When summer sneaks in with a bang (at 28 deg C!), you couldn't wait for the rainy days to come. And yet visions of mojitos and afternoon siestas by the beach make you wish for more. Yes, hammock siestas under the tree with cool sea breeze tickling your toes and refreshing your face. I wouldn't trade my lazy barefoot weekends for rainy days. And yet - something about global warming reminds me not too be happy about the humid weather...

This is an old photo but one of my favorites. It will remind you that life should be that way - simple and breezy, yes?