Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moalboal Series| Morning Boat

A fisherman on his way to the fishing ground.

Summer outing @ Moalboal, Cebu.


Asian Traveler said...

Nice photo.

By the way, please change my site from The Asian Traveler to An Asian Traveler. I lost my custom domain. I have now my new web address . I’m still in the process of modifying my blog. Thank you.

Barefoot Lady said...

Hiya fellow Asian Traveler!

I changed the link, also updating my site and on the process of transferring it to a dot com address. Thanks!

Carlos Lorenzo said...

That's a nice composition Jane

Barefoot Lady said...

Thanks, Carlos! This is actually my old site. I'm starting all over again @ Thanks again for the visit!

I also participated in DPC special theme day looking for Amir of Tehran Live.

Pinoytoolbar said...

Nice photo. Reminds me of the days when i was a little boy on the province. I also used to go fishing using that same boat on the picture when im bored and had nothing to do. That picture conveys a typical pinoy life in the philippines.

But now living in the city is really different, life is always busy and when i have nothing to do i just watch tv like abs cbn live.

I miss that kind of life in the province!

SeaBreeze Cottages said...

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bobby said...

i love the place